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referral partner Program (rPP)

The First Nations “Referral Partner Program” is designed for professionals who can benefit from a partner that is capable of turning an unqualified lead into a qualified borrower. The purpose of the RPP is to provide you with an avenue to direct all leads that are declined credit for one reason or another. Whether you are in mortgage, real estate, auto financing, or just looking for a quality credit repair affiliate program you have come to the right place.

The First Nations Credit “Accelerated Repair Program is designed to help consumers delete negative items from the report LEGALLY and PERMANENTLY. Since 2012 First Nations has helped thousands restore their good credit and buy a home, a car, or just get a fresh start. The repair program is $99 mo and includes a results guarantee. File turn times can vary but average 4-6 months for a complete repair.

Here are 5 reasons you should be using First Nations for all your turn downs:

1) GIVE CLIENTS A PLAN WITH REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS: First Nations provides clients with all of the information necessary to understand how their scores are determined, the qualification process for a home vs a car, and good practices to maintain a solid credit worthy profile. We act as your information arm and credit counselor. Empowering our clients with the right information results in a solid borrower with realistic expectations and an understanding of the credit and borrowing process.

2) FULL REFERRAL TRACKING: All referral partners receive access to a Referral Partner Dashboard which will list all visitors to our site and all enrollments referred by you. Each enrollment results in a commission to you. It will track all commissions and payments in addition to customized reporting to monitor clicks referred by you etc.

3) EXPERIENCE: First Nations works with real estate, mortgage and auto finance professionals nationwide and has developed a unique method of keeping clients engaged in the dream that brought them to you. The result is a significant percentage will come back to you. Additionally, the client tracking link we provide will give you the ability to stay on top of your drip campaigns as well. We will provide you with any size banner you require and can work hand in hand to create a co-branded campaign to market to your current database.

4) REFERRAL COMMISSIONS: Professional and non professional referral partners receive a $50 referral commission for every client they refer that enrolls in the repair service. Upon payment of their $99 you are credited $50 which you will see in your affiliate dashboard. This credit can be paid to you via Paypal or credited to the client as a gift from you.

5) TRACK FILE PROGRESS*: Real Estate, mortgage and auto finance professionals are provided with a tracking link to the client repair file to monitor scores and results of their leads and ultimately know when they are ready to qualify! (* you must have an active professional mortgage or real estate license, or be currently working in auto financing / sales for this level of access – see below).